Ayaad Sons Company was established in 1970 as the name of Elia Fareed Ayad & Partners. The name was changed to the Egyptian company for the manufacture of wheat Elia Farid Ayad & Partners. It was added to another factory that manufactures wheat of all kinds under the name of Cylinder Alknater and the company's activity is grinding flour and grain was added to manufacture all kinds of flour (luxury)In 1997, the financier established ،karas for Import, Export and Commercial Agencies.

The company's activity depends on importing spare parts for heavy trucks and selling them through special sales outlets of the company. In 2012, the financier established a single-seeded cottonseed refining plant In the year 2016 the company established a company under the name of the union for the sport shoes industry and the factory manufactures all sports shoes All these companies have at least Number of workers not less than one hundred workers in addition to the administrators.

The financier is characterized by strong banking transactions and is a creditor and has not disbursed any funding from any banks and depends on its financial capabilities in the establishment of all projects The total size of the company's business ranges from four to six million dollars annually, The volume of transactions of the import and export companies and individual agencies ranges between one million and one million dollars a year